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Procurement of Seeds


Status of Seed Processing

Crops are being multiplied from Breeder to Foundation and Foundation to Certified stages in farmers field mainly. The crops are then procured and sent to Processing Plants where the same are processed in Seed Processing Plants.

During processing foreign materials such as pieces of straw, small stones in separable and other such materials are separated along with impurities in the crop like undersize grain, chaffs and dust.

After processing seeds are being collected in separate bags, seed treating chemicals are put in the bags and stacked for collection of sample for certification process.

At present OSSC have 36 Processing Plants at different locations of the State. Out of which 27 are owned by OSSC and other 9 are Government processing plants utilized by OSSC.

In addition OSSC has one Groundnut Seed Processing Plant in addition to one general processing plant at Chandaka Industrial Complex which can process 10,000 qtls. of Groundnut seeds.

Ventilated storage units
Nature of Building
All the buildings of OSSC Ltd are Pucca building having either asbestos roof or RCC roof.
Type of ventilation
At Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, where the Cold Storages ceased to run from 1990 onwards, the buildings are converted to plain storage and the ventilation at these places are Forced Ventilation.

At other places the ventilation is natural one.
Cold storage plant
OSSC has 4 nos of Cold storages located at Bhubaneswar, Cuttack Unit-I/ II and Samablpur.

Brief Site History
Details of Godowns of OSSC Ltd