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Procurement of Seeds


The main objectives of the Company to be pursued by the Company on its incorporation are:

  • To implement for State seed Project forming part of National Seeds Programme in accordance with the arrangements between International Development Agency/ International Bank for reconstruction and development, Govt. of India, National Seeds Corporation Ltd., Govt. of Orissa and the Company or between any two or more of them.
  • To undertake the production of certified seeds of all those kinds and varieties coming under the purview of the Seed Act. and quality seeds of other kinds of varieties.
  • To process certified seeds on scientific and commercial lines.
  • To install, manage and operate processing plants and seed storage facilities.
  • To make arrangement of supply, foundation seeds to growers-share holders through arrangement with NSC for varieties all India and regional importance and through other agencies for local varieties.

To undertake distribution of seeds to farmers at reasonable prices and in sufficient quantities to support Agricultural Production programme